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033: Splitting a Block in Half With Boost!

April 01, 2022
Tuned In
033: Splitting a Block in Half With Boost!
Show Notes

From fighting the government, to the final word on which Honda motor is best, to cleaving a block into two pieces on the start line — this week's episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast with PFI Speed's Brent Leivestad is a wild ride.

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Brent joins us from snowy Colorado for an interesting and in-depth conversation that covers a wide range of topics. Andre and Brent kick off by discussing PFI Speed and its metamorphosis from a used parts sourcing company into the well-known fixture of the import scene that it is today. The conversation then — inevitably — turns towards all things Honda, of which Brent is very well versed. The big topic that comes up here is the pros and cons of each Honda engine series, and which is definitively the best.

The guys then dive deep into a recent incident at Sick week, which saw one of the PFI Speed cars split a B18C block completely in half. Brent discusses the ongoing diagnosis journey, as well as the steps that can be taken to ensure this sort of catastrophic failure doesn't happen again.

The convo then pivots in a completely different direction, focusing on Brent's recent battle with the US Government, in which he was handed massive fines for selling aftermarket ECUs. This is a really important topic that concerns most of us in the industry as the world's emissions and environmental protection measures ramp up. Why was Brent singled out amongst the hundreds of resellers in the US? How did they come up with the dollar amount in fines? What does this mean for the tuning industry in the coming years and what can we do about it?

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