Tuned In

034: Why K-Swapping a Ferrari Makes Perfect Sense.

April 08, 2022
Tuned In
034: Why K-Swapping a Ferrari Makes Perfect Sense.
Show Notes

What's the best way to tackle a big build project and actually follow through to its completion? Just how useful is learning how to design in CAD? Is stance dead? And just how the hell did Ferrari manage to build such an overweight and underpowered car?

These questions and many more interesting head-scratchers are all answered on this week's episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast with our guest, Mike Burroughs of StanceWorks.

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From humble beginnings, Mike became one of a few key figures that helped to push the automotive landscape in a whole new direction during the 2010s. This week's conversation kicks off by exploring Mike's emergence onto the international car scene through his founding of StanceWorks and his internet-breaking builds, before discussing the 'stance' scene's meteoric rise, unavoidable peak, and inevitable decline.

 Mike was able to translate that early success into a full-time career, and now runs a successful YouTube channel alongside the ever-popular StanceWorks site. Andre digs into this transition and how it's actually financially viable, before discussing Mike's biggest selling point — his insane builds.

Mike has zero relevant qualifications and has simply learnt everything as he goes, documenting it all for the world to see. This means he's picked up plenty of lessons along the way, and talks Andre through the most important things he's learnt when it comes to tackling big builds — and that means learning how to fabricate, weld, CAD design, and everything else in between.

Then there's the bright yellow elephant in the room — Mike's Honda-powered Ferrari 308 project. Although the purists might turn their noses up at this build, Mike dives deep into explaining exactly why he took a pristine classic Ferrari and tore it to pieces in order to create a 1000hp, K24-powered, street-legal time attack weapon.

If you love the buzz that comes with getting another job done on your build, or you're just about to pull the trigger on a new project car, or maybe you just love a little controversy — this is going to be a great listen for you.

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