Tuned In

035: Simple Engine Building Mistakes That Could Cost You THOUSANDS.

April 15, 2022
Tuned In
035: Simple Engine Building Mistakes That Could Cost You THOUSANDS.
Show Notes

A whole lot of knowledge is dropped and plenty of myths get busted on this week's episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast. 

Our guest, Tyler Hassing of Force Engineering, is a multi-talented performance engine builder and machinist, tuner, and fabricator with a passion for building things right and going as fast as possible.

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In this tech-focused episode, Andre and Tyler get into the weeds on a wide range of topics, starting with the nightmare that is early Ford EFI tuning, before moving on to some serious Mitsubishi 4G63 nerdery, and a discussion on the pros and cons of different engine prep blasting methods.

A lot of Tyler's work is in the performance engine building and machining world, and this gives Andre an opportunity to discuss building for big power, as well as the common mistakes that Tyler sees time and time again when people build their own performance motors.

This also leads to a very in-depth discussion around cylinder head porting, in which Tyler clears up a lot of mystery surrounding what can sometimes be thought of as a bit of a black art.

Tyler also currently claims the world record for a stock-block Gen-1 Ford Coyote with an 8.59 @ 155mph in his S197 Mustang, and has learnt plenty of lessons along the way. The interestingly minimalistic build is discussed in detail, delving into the reflash vs aftermarket ECU debate, finding the limit of a stock Coyote V8, turbo sizing, and much more.

This episode contains a tonne of interesting and useful info for anyone interested in going fast reliably, and you'll probably end up at least three percent smarter if you listen to it.

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