Tuned In

037: Pushing 60 PSI Through a Subaru Boxer.

April 29, 2022
Tuned In
037: Pushing 60 PSI Through a Subaru Boxer.
Show Notes
Do you like power? Subarus? Going fast on dirt, gravel, snow, and tarmac? Detailed tech discussions? If so, we've got the perfect tech-heavy gem for you this week!

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Our host Andre Simon is joined by Dan Farley of Vermont SportsCar for this week's episode of the HPA Tuned In podcast. VSC is a long-time partner of Subaru Motorsports USA and Dan manages the powertrain department at the Vermont-based company's incredible facility.

This means he's an absolute goldmine of knowledge when it comes to building boxers capable of handling the gruelling conditions seen in rally, rallycross, and gymkhana — and yes, that includes Travis Pastrana's monster gymkhana builds.

Dan kicks off by discussing how he used education to work his way into the privileged position he finds himself in today, building some of the most impressive Subaru drivelines that the world has ever seen.

Dan's work with the Subaru boxer engine is undoubtedly the main focus of this podcast, and there's a lot of fascinating information to be gleaned around how a high-end outfit like VSC goes about building a Subaru that can make big power, take a hammering all day long, and still make that same power on the dyno at the end of a gruelling season with zero complaints.

This episode also features some great discussions around headgasket solutions when you're running 4 bar of boost and massive cylinder pressures, dealing with the restrictors that many rally and rallycross competitions mandate, billet vs cast Subaru blocks, as well as a great look into anti-lag strategies. 

Find out more about Vermont SportsCar here:
FB: VermontSportsCar
IG: @vermont.sportscar
YT: Subaru Launch Control
www: vtcar.com

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