Tuned In

038: Unlocking BIG Power From the New Breed of Performance Engines.

May 06, 2022
Tuned In
038: Unlocking BIG Power From the New Breed of Performance Engines.
Show Notes

Drivetrain systems are getting more and more complex, and that makes modifying them increasingly difficult. Thankfully, there are people out there like this week's Tuned In podcast guest, Jake Hershorin of Motiv Motorsport, poking and prodding in order to gain control and unleash all that potential power hidden within motors like BMW's B58, as used in the A90 Toyota Supra.

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Jake, along with his partners Ty Sayman and Chris Kontos at Motiv Motorsport, is leading the charge when it comes to working with (and sometimes around) the complex control systems found in modern performance cars, and is currently producing a popular 'Reflex' standalone controller that allows for the addition of port injection to the direct-injected BMW B58.

In this podcast, Jake and Andre get deep into how the controller works, as well as why you'd even need to add port injection to a capable motor like the B58 in the first place.

Jake also details how — even though it wasn't the original plan — the tuning bug bit and he got into the business, as well as how that business has changed over the years, and his eventual migration from Japanese vehicles towards BMW platforms like the always-popular N54/55 turbo straight sixes.

The pros and cons of 'e-tuning', AKA remote tuning, are also discussed — as are the finer details of direct injection, FlexRay, and the A90 GR Supra.

If you're wanting to stay ahead of the curve as the automotive scene continues to grow more advanced every year, this discussion is one that'll be well worth listening to.

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