Tuned In

041: Hunting for HUGE, Reliable Power — is Billet the Answer?

May 27, 2022
Tuned In
041: Hunting for HUGE, Reliable Power — is Billet the Answer?
Show Notes

Darren Palumbo of South Australia's Bullet Race Engineering joins us for this episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast.

Specialising in billet blocks and heads, Bullet Race Engineering is a leader in near-indestructible engine components, and Darren takes us on a deep dive into his world of Solidworks and CNC mills.

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Designing and creating an engine block out of a solid chunk of alloy is absolutely as complicated as you think. There's a huge amount of time and money that goes into just getting one product to market — Darren breaks it all down for us and also makes a good case for why going billet sooner rather than later can often be the best move for anyone looking to go seriously fast.

With ultra-desirable engines like the RB26, 2JZ, or even SR20 becoming rarer and more expensive by the day, is there going to come a point where it makes more sense in the long run to just go billet instead of building from a factory motor?

There's also a very interesting breakdown of why simply swapping to a billet block will result in a substantial bump in power, with no changes to any other components.

Andre and Darren lastly talk about the interesting path he's taken to get where he is today with his business, and that includes the big mistakes that he's made along the way. As Darren explains, finding a gap in the market, dropping the big bucks on equipment, and having the right amount of knowledge is only part of what goes into making a business like Bullet Race Engineering successful.

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