Tuned In

046: Gunning For The World's Fastest Import With 100+ PSI.

July 01, 2022
Tuned In
046: Gunning For The World's Fastest Import With 100+ PSI.
Show Notes

Ever wondered if tech support staff at ECU manufacturers just get asked the same handful of questions and help fix the same few tuning problems over and over again?  Wonder no more, because Haltech's Mitch Smith — a guy who spends his day helping customers all over the world with some pretty in-depth tuning and setup questions — predictably has all the answers.

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Mitch left the IT profession to jump into the deep end of the tuning industry in order to do something he loves. Host Andre Simon and Mitch talk about taking that leap of faith and why making a big career move like this can often be a hugely positive life-changing event.

Mitch is self-taught and is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things tuning — as you'd need to be if you spent your 9-5 helping other pros figure out some occasionally very challenging problems.  Andre and Mitch focus their discussion on the ins and outs of setting up and tuning standalone systems like Haltech's Nexus series of ECU, and talk about the most common mistakes that customers make, as well as Mitch's solutions to those mistakes.

Being a Nissan RB lover, Mitch is also heavily involved in the Maatouks Racing team — one of the biggest names in the Aussie import scene. Mitch talks about working with Anthony Maatouk and discusses the team's latest weapon in detail — an RB-powered Pro-Mod chassis that's gunning for the overall import world record. After running a 5.8 on only its third pass, it seems like the team could be in with a good shot in the coming season.

This episode provides a great mix of inspiration for those just starting out, as well as some seriously in-depth discussions that seasoned listeners are going to love sinking their teeth into.

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