Tuned In

048: Is The 2JZ Actually Any Good?

July 15, 2022
Tuned In
048: Is The 2JZ Actually Any Good?
Show Notes

Long-time Supra racer and 2JZ fiend Cody Phillips of Cody Phillips Racing joins us for this week’s episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast.

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Although Tuned In host Andre Simon and Cody delve into a wide range of topics in this conversation — from the struggles of tuning in the early days, to the joys of Hondas in the late nineties, to exactly what makes drag racing so addictive — undoubtedly the main focus of this podcast is Cody’s 6.81-second JZA80 Toyota Supra.

This was Cody’s dream car as a teenager, and he was able to finally pick one up in the early 2000s. When the original owner asked him what he planned to do with it, Cody told him he was probably going to make it one of the fastest Supras in the world. 

Two decades later, Cody still has that same car, and that’s exactly what he’s done — it now is one of the fastest IRS JZA80s in the world. With full glass, the car weighs well over 3000lbs, and Cody talks us through the challenges of making such a heavy car with an independent rear end go so quickly. That means launch and wheelie control secrets, the use of nitrous, and much more.

Obviously, a lot of it comes down to the power delivery, and this is where we get to the real meat and potatoes of the conversation — Toyota’s 2JZ-GTE. Suffice it to say, if there’s something Cody doesn’t know about this motor, it probably isn’t worth knowing. 

Andre and Cody dive super deep into the 2J, discussing its pros and cons, as well as ways around many of those downsides. There are some great nuggets of wisdom to be found in this episode when it comes to topics like head gasket sealing, boost control strategies, and cast vs billet in the 2JZ world.

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