Tuned In

049: Turning a Wiring Side Hustle Into Big Business.

July 22, 2022
Tuned In
049: Turning a Wiring Side Hustle Into Big Business.
Show Notes

Long-time friend of HPA Ryan Basseri of Rywire joins us for this episode of the Tuned In podcast to discuss all things Honda, motorsport wiring, and the aftermarket automotive business.

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If you’ve been in the game for any decent amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Rywire, a company based out of California that focuses on wiring solutions for a wide range of enthusiast applications. 

Ryan is most often associated with the Honda tuning world, and there’s a very good reason for that. Having grown up in a Honda family, the love of CR-Xs, Civics, and Preludes rubbed off on Ryan, pushing him towards his first B16A swap not too long after he got his driver’s license. 

Tuned In host Andre Simon and Ryan discuss the craziness of those early days, focusing first on Ryan’s affinity with all things Honda, and then on Ryan’s savvy identification of a lack of quality specialist harnesses and his first foray into building and selling them as a hobbyist side hustle. 

Things only grew organically from there, and Rywire is now a leader in the wiring world. Andre and Ryan dissect this journey and identify the wins and the mistakes that led to this success — there’s a whole lot of business wisdom dropped in this episode that could provide anyone starting out — or struggling — in the industry, just the kick-in-the-ass they need. 

Ryan also spends time discussing motorsport wiring at large, laying out some great rules to follow and mistakes that he sees people making time and time again — mistakes that you'll now be able to avoid. 

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