Tuned In

050: 2000HP+ 2jz Supra's, Gunning for 400+MPH & Real Street

July 29, 2022
Tuned In
050: 2000HP+ 2jz Supra's, Gunning for 400+MPH & Real Street
Show Notes

What’s the key to building and tuning a turbocharged engine for sustained top-speed runs? How do you catch a potential problem before it results in a blown motor? And what’s the secret to acquiring and maintaining a good reputation in the industry?

All these questions are answered in this, the 50th episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast with the legendary Jay Meagher of Real Street Performance. 

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As far as reputations in the aftermarket performance industry go, Jay and his company, Real Street Performance, has one of the best. Podcast host Andre Simon gets Jay to break down his approach to tuning, engine building, parts supply, and customer relations to find out how this has been achieved.

Jay has been developing and tuning high-powered domestic and import engines for a good few years now, and has a lot of experience and advice to drop in this conversation when it comes to keeping big power setups reliable. Spoiler; there’s a lot to be said for building it right the first time, leaving a little power on the table when tuning, and being able to spot a problem before it causes a catastrophic failure.

Jay has spent much of his motorsport career at the dragstrip. In more recent years, though, has been starting to push the top speed limits at the famous Bonneville salt flats. This isn’t a topic we’ve ever discussed on Tuned In before, and there’s a lot of interesting insight in this episode when it comes to building motors that are built to run at sustained power and RPM levels for long periods of time. 

Finishing off with a great discussion around the pros and cons of different dyno types and the pitfalls of jumping between them, this conversation is jammed with useful and interesting information in equal measure. 

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