Tuned In

051: The Hoonipigasus — What Went Wrong?

August 05, 2022
Tuned In
051: The Hoonipigasus — What Went Wrong?
Show Notes

Sander Marques of Obsidian Motorsport Group is our first-ever return guest, and for very good reason. 

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Sander first jumped on the Tuned In podcast in its early days, way back in Episode 008, and while we managed to gain a tonne of insight during that conversation, we still had so many questions left to ask the tuner and MoTeC M1 Build savant.

With Sander’s heavy involvement in the recent high-profile Hoonipigasus Porsche hillclimb build driven by Ken Block, now seemed like the perfect time to catch up and see what kind of knowledge we could dig out of him this time around. 

Sander and podcast host Andre Simon first discuss the initial planning stages of the Hoonipigasus build as the team dealt with a quickly dwindling time frame. Sander was in charge of designing and planning out all the electrical systems in the car, and he had to do it all without it actually existing yet.

Lots of time is spent in this conversation running through the incredibly complex control systems, which includes the use of twin MoTeC M142 ECUs, geo-fenced hydraulic ride height adjustment, Sander’s own bespoke INS (inertial navigation system), and much more.

Unless you’ve been off-world for the last few months, you’re probably already aware that the Hoonipigasus sadly never made it past practice at this year’s 100th running of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. While Hoonigan’s excellent documentary covers a lot of what went into the build, we knew that Sander would be able to provide some seriously in-depth insight that’s better suited to this podcast and its more technically-minded listeners.

The Hoonipigasus went from concept to completed machine in a ridiculously short time frame, and this episode provides a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create such an impressive machine in such a small amount of time. 

Follow Sander here:
IG: @lambdaofone
FB: @obsidianmotorsport
WWW: obsidianeng.com

Sander's first appearance on Tuned In: https://hpcdmy.co/sander1
Hoonigan's Hoonipigisus documentary: https://youtu.be/j34S2Me8xRE

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