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055: Sorting Turbo Manifold Fact From Fiction.

September 02, 2022 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
055: Sorting Turbo Manifold Fact From Fiction.
Show Notes

When it comes to turbo exhaust manifolds, it seems like there are a lot of contradictory opinions out there about runner diameters and lengths, split versus undivided, and everything in between… So who’s right and who’s wrong?

On this episode of the High Performance Academy Tuned In podcast, we’re joined by Matt Morrison of Morrison Fabrications.

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Matt has spent years specializing in one thing — exhaust manifolds — and has dived down some very deep rabbit holes in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t through various means of testing and investigation. Luckily for us, he’s happy to share that knowledge so we don’t have to do the same.

Matt and podcast host Andre Simon discuss all facets of turbo manifolds in this episode, starting with Matt’s early attempts to build his own and his eventual progression towards turning that into a full-time business with his wife, Samantha. 

Morrison Fabrications has since built a niche following in the Mitsubishi scene, and has done some serious research and testing into finding the optimum runner diameters and lengths, the best materials to use, and what wall thickness works best — all in the quest for the ultimate boost response and power delivery.

There’s also some great discussion around fabrication itself that jumps into how Matt goes about fabricating and TIG welding some seriously intricate and tricky manifolds — those who are keen on welding might find some really useful tips and tricks in this episode. 

There does seem to be a general lack of real understanding around what we should be looking for when choosing or building a turbo manifold — this episode is a great opportunity to learn and make better-informed decisions for your next manifold build or purchase. 

For a more detailed dive into Matt’s research, check out: http://morrisonfabrications.com/tech/

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