Tuned In

059: Going Faster With Transmission Tuning.

September 30, 2022
Tuned In
059: Going Faster With Transmission Tuning.
Show Notes

At 25 years old, Oscar Zelaya is the youngest guest we’ve ever had on the HPA Tuned In podcast. Listening to this in-depth, tech-heavy conversation you’d never know it, though. 

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With a background in mechanical engineering and a strong interest in motorsport electronics, Oscar has made a big impact in the motorsport community over the last few years.

After leaving university and walking straight into a role with MoTeC USA, Oscar has since taken a leap of faith and now runs his own business, Zelaya Brothers, which offers a range of services from product development, to powertrain calibration, vehicle electronics solutions, and more. 

With Oscar’s large breadth of knowledge and skills in mind, this is a wide-ranging discussion that focuses on the nittier, grittier aspects of reverse engineering factory electronics, building custom firmware, working with CAN bus, and a lot more.

Oscar also talks us through his involvement with the Hoonicorn and Hoonipigasus projects — in particular, what it takes to convert the methanol-fed Mustang from hillclimber to what is essentially a drag car.

The emerging field of transmission calibration also features in this discussion, with Oscar explaining the intricacies of tuning modern sequential paddle-shifted transmissions and how to get the most out of them.

Finishing off the chat with a look into the challenges of starting a company in this industry at such a young age, there’s a whole lot of interesting information well worth sinking your teeth into in this episode. 

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