Tuned In

061: Tune ANY Factory ECU With WinOLS.

October 14, 2022
Tuned In
061: Tune ANY Factory ECU With WinOLS.
Show Notes

Remember when BMW said the E90's ECU was “unmodifiable”? Remember when Nissan said the same about the R35 GT-R? The aftermarket has always met new challenges head-on, and reverse engineering and modifying any factory computer system with software like WinOLS has become not just a viable solution, but a popular one, too.

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As factory engine management systems increase in complexity, replacing them with aftermarket standalone ECUs has turned into a more and more of a difficult and expensive task. Looking towards other options, this week we’re joined by a master of the WinOLS world, James O’Connor from The File Service. 

James has a long history in tuning cars and has been dealing with remapping factory ECUs since the early 2000s. His company, The File Service, deals exclusively in this realm, providing ECU map packs and software, as well as teaching others how to work with programs like WinOLS, which is the main focus of this conversation.

This episode goes deep into the fascinating world of reverse engineering factory ECUs, as James explains how it's done and what’s involved. He also takes an eye-opening trip down memory lane to talk about the early days of remapping and all the slightly terrifying things that needed to be done in order to gain access and modify factory tables.

While a lot of this subject matter does cater to our more advanced listeners, James does a good job of explaining this interesting, very technical part of the industry so, at the very least, we can all have a better understanding of ECU remapping and powerful software like WinOLS.

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