Tuned In

065: Building SEMA-Winning Cars for a Living.

November 11, 2022 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
065: Building SEMA-Winning Cars for a Living.
Show Notes

Combining top-notch fabrication skills, a trusting clientele, and endless creativity, this week’s podcast guest has crafted a successful business as a high-end car builder without making big compromises along the way.

Kyle from Kuhnhausen Metal Concepts joins us on this episode to discuss all things fabrication.

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Ever since Kyle won the SEMA Battle of the Builders Young Guns competition back in 2018 with his well-known InZanity Datsun Z build, he’s been letting his work speak for itself, gaining a list of trusting clients who give him plenty of creative freedom in order to build something truly unique.

In this conversation, Kyle discusses a wide range of topics related to the automotive fabrication realm, including how he gained the skills he uses every day, the art of TIG welding, why you shouldn’t dismiss MIG, and incorporating modern tech like CAD and 3D printing into your workflow.

Kyle also lays down some great time-saving fabrication tips, lists essential equipment he thinks everyone should start out with, and opens up about how he started and sustains his boutique car-building business.

This is a solid episode with plenty of inspiration for anyone looking to get into automotive design and fabrication, whether you’re just planning to make some parts for your own car or start a fresh business. 

Follow Kyle here:
IG: @kckuhnhausen
WWW: kuhnhausenmetalconcepts.com

Want to learn how to fabricate parts for your own car? Start here: hpcdmy.co/fabb