Tuned In

Field Report: This 20k 180SX Build Will Surprise You.

December 21, 2022 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
Field Report: This 20k 180SX Build Will Surprise You.
Show Notes

Dry sump, sequential dog engagement gearbox, solid aero, and this Nissan 180SX could be mistaken for a larger budget build but all things considered it's surprisingly modest!

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Usually seen supporting the likes of Under Suzukis Scorch Racing team, this World Time Attack Andrew Handmer of SX Developments was invited to take his own Nissan 180SX to the track instead which saw him net a top 5 finish in the Pro-Am Class.

Originally destined to be a more tame build based off an old daily driver, things quickly escalated to the aero equipped 480hp (360 kW) at around 26 psi  1.8 bar) build here. The 180SX is powered by a Nissan SR20 with Wiseco pistons, Eagle rods, upgraded cams and valve-train with a Kinugawa TD06 SL220G billet wheel fitted turbo delivering the boost. A dry sump setup has been pieced together with some consideration going into the pump rather than just sending it with the first budget option that came along.

The transmission is a NASCAR Jerico Performance Products unit that has been converted to sequential shift with a relatively stock driveline putting power to the ground.

Electronics wise a Haltech Elite 2500 is paired with a MoTeC ADL3 logger/dash and a solid CAN configuration options for both the Haltech and MoTeC units allow Andrew to simplify his wiring and controls where possible including some sensors to help him with his own driving development like steering angle, brake pressure, damper potentiometers (shock pots) and accelerometers.

The car has been built with a budget in mind that is more relatable to many than of the builds we see on the track (not that there is anything wrong with that either!) and while we're sure there have also been many, many hours poured into this, a $20,000 odd dollar build for a car like this is a solid effort and a testament to Andrews hardwork and skills, including bargain hunting 🤘

FUTURE PLANS: Andrew's hoping to come back again with a pneumatic shifter to help avoid some of those miss shifts, a fix for the boost spike issue which isn't normally an issue at his local track but had a bit more impact here at Sydney. From there with a bit more practice on the circuit and based off the cars data and how that has worked for his local track, he thinks there is a 1:29.00 in the car and it's just up to him to extract it all going well!

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