Tuned In

068: Take Advantage of Your ECU’s Traction Control Capabilities.

December 02, 2022
Tuned In
068: Take Advantage of Your ECU’s Traction Control Capabilities.
Show Notes

What do you do when the current crop of standalone ECUs just aren’t providing the features you need? In the case of this week's guest, you simply build your own.

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On this episode of Tuned In, we catch up with Syvecs Ltd's Technical Director Ryan Griffiths, who’s currently based in Dubai, to get into the finer details of ECU development, tuning, motorsport traction control, and much more.

The conversation kicks off with Syvecs' origin story, in which Ryan and his colleagues got together to create a brand new ECU after becoming frustrated with the limitations of what was on offer in those early days — most commonly APEX’i Power FCs and early AEMs. These tuning frustrations became the genesis of one of the most capable plug & play standalone ECU options out there, pushing Ryan and his friends to create something far better in every way.

That evolution has continued over the last couple of decades, and it’s allowed Ryan to push the limits of what’s possible, even as plug & play ECUs become harder and harder to produce due to the increasing complexity and security involved in modern high-performance vehicles from the likes of McLaren, Chevrolet, Porsche, and more.

Syvecs is also a very popular option with R35 GT-R and V10 Huracan/R8 enthusiasts, and after listening to Ryan explain his process and the inner workings of these ECUs, you’ll begin to understand why.

This episode is a fascinating deep dive into ECU development and features some great in-depth discussions on knock control, traction control, the differences between road-going ECUs like Syvecs and motorsport-dedicated ECUs like Life Racing, and plenty more.

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IG: @syvecs_ltd
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WWW: syvecs.com

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