Tuned In

Revisited: Billet Blocks, Six-Second Quarters, And Pushing Past 2500whp.

December 23, 2022 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
Revisited: Billet Blocks, Six-Second Quarters, And Pushing Past 2500whp.
Show Notes

**We're spending a couple of weeks away from the microphone over the Christmas and New Year period. This means that although we won’t be publishing any new guest appearances until mid-January, we’re going to be bringing back some of our favourite older episodes that deserve another listen.**

This week's High Performance Academy 'Tuned In' episode is all about big boost, big launches, and even bigger power figures as we sit down for an in-depth chat with T1 Race Development's Tony Palo.

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Self-taught and always learning by doing, T1 Race Development's Tony Palo is a long-time industry veteran that has spent years pushing the limits of just what's possible in the import drag racing scene. Over the last decade, Tony has narrowed his focus on the venerable Nissan R35 platform, and now runs some of the fastest GTRs in the world.  

In this episode, Tony talks to Andre about getting his start in the tuning world and his initial dealings with "fast" Hondas during a time when going quicker largely meant a process of trial and error. These days, things are a lot more precise, and the pair discuss the many advances that the industry has seen over the last decade that have allowed tuners like Tony to push the boundaries of just what's possible.

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When it comes to R35s, Tony really knows his stuff — something that's immediately obvious as this episode progresses. Massive turbos, billet VR blocks, pushing way past 2500hp, and the lessons that have been learnt along the way are all discussed in detail. 

This week's instalment of Tuned In is all about life on the bleeding edge, and it's a wild ride.