Tuned In

Revisited: 650hp, 2 tons of downforce, and ZERO visibility.

December 16, 2022 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
Revisited: 650hp, 2 tons of downforce, and ZERO visibility.
Show Notes

**We're spending a couple of weeks away from the microphone over the Christmas and New Year period. This means that although we won’t be publishing any new guest appearances until mid-January, we’re going to be bringing back some of our favourite older episodes that deserve another listen.**

This week's episode of the HPA Tuned In podcast is a fascinating one as we dig into the finer details of building and driving one of the fastest hill climb cars on earth with Robin Shute of the Sendy Club.

Recorded just a few days after Robin's recent third consecutive overall win at the 100th running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, this ace driver and automotive engineer is coming off a brutal week full of engine fires, sleep deprivation, and appalling weather conditions — and he has a whole lot to say about the experience.

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Sure, someone wins Pikes Peak every year, but the difference with Robin and The Sendy Club team is that they aren't backed by a big manufacturer opening up the chequebook in search of glory — it's a bunch of (admittedly very smart and talented) enthusiasts who've come together to dominate at the world's greatest hill climb event.

As an automotive engineer and top-level driver, Robin is an absolute goldmine of information when it comes to not just driving exceptionally fast cars, but the finer, nerdier details of building them too. A lot of time is spent in this podcast pouring through the details of the Sendy Club's incredible Honda K-powered Wolf hill climb car. Turbo sizing, altitude considerations, aerodynamics, braking performance, and everything in between gets covered here.

There's also a great discussion had around the art of driving itself — both in terms of how to be fast, proper preparation, and carving out a successful career in motorsport.

This episode is absolutely jammed with useful and inspirational information that'll have you itching to get back into the workshop and on the tools.

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