Tuned In

Field Report: Building For 1000hp, But Aiming For 650hp | Ryan Tuerck’s Stout.

May 10, 2023 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
Field Report: Building For 1000hp, But Aiming For 650hp | Ryan Tuerck’s Stout.
Show Notes

When you think drifting, you also think of a 1966 Toyota Stout right?

Even if you don't, Ryan Tuerck's mate did, so that is what he's built with @toyotausa  and @OfficialMobil1. Moving on from the previous Ferrari-powered GT86 (GT4586) and Formula Supra (Judd V10 powered) time attack builds this drift ute, or drift truck depending on your regional dialect, fell just short of laying rubber at @semashow 22', but is tantalisingly close to doing so very soon.

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Powered by a 3S-GTE that's also a little bit 5S-FE, 600-650hp is the goal although 1000hp would be possible, it probably wouldn't work well with the 275's on the rear and light weight.

The 3SGTE (MR2, Celica) based build sports a @Turbobygarrett GTX 770 turbocharger, mild cams, 10:1 compression, non-stroker crank and 87mm bore giving a capacity of 2.1L. The 5S-FE block which is normally 2.2L is used for its increased strength over the 3S and the team hopes to get 3 seasons of runs out of this setup before a refresh is due with @JohnReedRacing tuning the project.

Electronics are handled by @unicorngarage6095 and a suite of @MoTeCAustralia products from the M150 ECU, C1212 dash logger to a PDM30 which will see the car run without fuses or relays, something the Toyota engineers in the 1960's no doubt wouldn't have thought likely all those years ago. Probably weren't expecting 600hp+ rather than the stock 85hp either!

Drivetrain and suspension wise the somewhat classic Holinger sequential transmission and @wintersperformanceproducts rear end will play nicely with the tried and tested double A arm setup out of a Chevrolet Corvette which should give no nasty surprises and only straightforward setup changes once shakedown runs begin.

'Sick utes' aka pre-runner aficionados @Kibbetech handled the tube frame chassis design and fabrication with CNC support from Bending Solutions (Rob Parsons) with many hours spent in CAD beforehand to give an accurate finished product rather than one that needed some major or minor 'fettling' as is sometimes the case with one off 'build as you go' projects that need more time than was on hand for this particular project.

Jon Sibal has done a great job of helping this vision look awesome not just in the mind but also in the flesh with his work on the body kit which thanks to some laser scanning and great work from ADV Fiberglass has turned out perfect.

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