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Field Report: Goodnight 2JZ? | 1200HP B58. Stock Block, Stock Bores & No Dry Sump!?

May 03, 2023 High Performance Academy
Tuned In
Field Report: Goodnight 2JZ? | 1200HP B58. Stock Block, Stock Bores & No Dry Sump!?
Show Notes

When everyone was knee-jerk reacting negatively to the B58 engine in the A90 Toyota Supra, Stephen Papadakis & crew were the guys getting data, testing setups and then getting results on track on the 8,900rpm limiter.

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As discussed, Papadakis Racing hasn't had a B58 development program without any issues, but I think after this interview we can all honestly say there were not as many as we all might have thought! From boost response to bearing and engine coatings, lubrication and cooling systems, the quest for more and more power vs grip, this interview covers a lot of ground.

Getting 1200hp from the 8,900rpm limited platform, the team hits 2023 fresh off a championship win in Formula Drift and dives into further development of their 3.2L stroker version on tracks that favour more power, vs their tried and trusted 3.0L version on shorter runs.

The 6 cylinder alloy block runs JE pistons with stock rings, aftermarket bearings via ACL or King Bearings removing one choke point for failure along with a Supertech valvetrain and post 2021 6 port A91 B58 head. A BorgWarner 9274 is used with the 3.0L build and a 9280 with the 3.2L ensures appropriate turbo response for the multiple title-winning driver Fredric Aasbø. Low boost is around 1.2 Bar, high 2.3 Bar (17-33 Psi)  with help from TiAL wastegates and AEM boost control solenoids

Also discussed is why the CSF Radiator setup and similar are now so often found in the rear of a drift car along with some insights into the stock lubrication system, Valvetronic setup and how impressive, or unimpressive in the case of the stock bearings, OEM coatings can be on modern engine builds.

Not discussed but of interest, the car runs an AEM Infinity ECU, Injector Dynamics ID 2000 injectors delivering E85 fuel, Brian Crower 100mm crank, MOAR series I-Beam Rods, Gforce GSR 4 speed dog box, RS-R Custom Coilovers, RS-R Racing springs and Tilton 600 Series pedal box.

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